400 Pinion Bluff Drive            Bella Vista, Arkansas  72714             479 . 876 . 5343

Bella Vista Recycles !

400 Pinion Bluff Drive            Bella Vista, Arkansas  72714             479 . 876 . 5343


Keep dry;  keep different kinds of items separate;  place into the proper receptacle.

OFFICE PAPER.  It may be flat or shredded.  Letters, junk mail, envelope, computer paper, stock reports, etc.  Please leave the paper in bags so it will be easier to handle;  it will also protect your privacy by not having the paper be blown by the wind for other to see.            

NEWSPAPERS  items that come with the newspapers should be recycled with the newspapers.

CORRUGATED CARDBOARD  Layered construction,.  Packing cartons.  Also brown paper bags.  Please remove plastic and Styrofoam  packing materials.

CHIPBOARD  Single layer construction.  Various household boxes, as cereals, cake mix, shoe boxes..  Goes in the Cardboard Trailers and Bins.

MAGAZINES, CATALOGS and PHONE BOOKS  Check for their specific container.

PAPER BACK BOOKS  go  in Newspaper bin

HARD BACK  BOOKS go in marked Container

Please do not include candy or snack wrappers or fruit peels!