Bella Vista Recycles ! About Us!...

Bella Vista Recycling is a non-profit center is operated by Staff and Volunteers.  We gather, process and sell donated recyclable waste materials.  Our aim is to keep these materials out of area landfill, to put them back into use, to save energy and to enhance our environment by keeping it clean  What we are able to ACCEPT is determined by what the Market will Buy.

The Recycling Center Hours are :

Open 24/6   Monday thru Saturday

Staffed 6:30 am to 2:30 pm

Closed and locked on Sunday

Additionally, we will close the following Holidays
New years Day

4th of July

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

The BV Recycle Center is very appreciative of the support of the Bella Vista community.  Thanks to the BV Community for their diligent sorting of Recyclable materials.

 The convenient parking area for patrons coming to unload their recyclable materials is beside a long overhang providing protection in inclement weather.


We recognize the positive things accomplished by area nonprofit organizations that benefit the residents of NW Arkansas with a focus on Bella Vista and the surrounding area.  We provide them financial assistance with matching Grants.

An organization may request Grant Applications and Grant Application Guidelines by calling our site or writing to the Recycling Center.

400 Pinion Bluff Drive            Bella Vista, Arkansas  72714             479 . 876 . 5343

The Recycle Center sells moving  boxes in

various sizes and wardrobe boxes

Also, we will take your moving boxes

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